In an age of increasing accountability and transparency, it is important for any company to recognize its social responsibilities. We intend to keep it that way, not only because it makes good moral sense, but also because it makes sound business sense.

We strive to provide the best possible working Environmental for our employees. We foster a corporate culture conducive to both personal and professional growth and development. This allows us to attract - and retain - like-minded, talented people who thrive in a challenging Environmental.

Eco-Friendly Future

Our effort aimed at helping, assisting and guiding the lives of street children, orphans, physically handicapped children and destitute children. A lot we should prefer to call ‘special children’, because these are the children who will decide the destiny of this world one day.

We intend to provide holistic support to these children involving guidance, counseling, protection, legal and medical help, food and education.


Employee Welfare

We understand that staffs spend at least half of their time at work. They contribute to the success of the organization when they are free from worries and when they feel their welfare needs are considered. Our welfare program addresses ill health, bereavement, counseling, and work related stress, staff wellness and education assistance. Support structures have been put in place

Development of All

To provide quality education to students in villages in order to ignite in them dreams of bigger visions
Classes and campaigns to promote English, Math, Science and IT
Career counseling and opportunities
To address social issues like alcoholism and female feticide
Proven reputation for unsurpassed project management and on-time performance
To promote issues pertaining to health and hygiene.
Environmental issues and tree plantation